History and Introduction of GAPSA

In 1950s, when a group of students began meeting to discuss and work on issues pertaining to graduate student life. In 1979, the Board of Trustees formally sanctioned GAPSA into Statutes of the University, marking GAPSA's entry into Penn's core body of governing laws. On 24-09-1979 first General Assembly meeting gathered

More than 13,000 students each year from across the world choose to be at one of the twelve graduate and professional schools Penn. In this One of the greatest benefits of attending Penn is, the opportunity to embrace a culture of intellectualism and diversity. sea of opportunities, what the Graduate and Assembly strives integrate students to accomplish with a unique Penn experience spanning disciplines.

GAPSA has continued to fulfill its mission in empowering students, advocating on their behalf, and supporting countless. More than three decades later, GAPSA continues to be a thriving organization with membership open to all membership and involvement of the twelve graduate and professional schools at Penn.

GAPSA does not exist without your support. We hope that GAPSA will be a part of your Penn experience, and thank you for being a part of GAPSA.

In 2012, GAPSA hosted the Ivy Plus Summit, a gathering of the student government leaders throughout the Ivy League partner institutions and MIT. Furthermore, over the years, Penn has become one of the most well-funded and involved student governments in the world. Even as GAPSA continues to establish and promote relationships among student leaders nationally, it remains committed to what the needs of the students at Penn.

Contact information for the GAPSA Executive Board and your school representatives on the General Assembly. Whether you have questions about get involve GAPSA or just want to reach out to us, contact us. We are conveniently located on the third floor of the Graduate Student Center, and you are welcome to schedule a time to meet with us.